Group warm up with Hanne Gottlieb

Group warm up with Hanne Gottlieb

Participants all ready for a good experience

Erik Lunøe hypnotising client into being Napoleon

Client entering the exhibition as Napoleon

Client re-evaluating the conclusions made towards a series of photographs

Client re-evaluating the conclusions made towards a series of photographs

Client explaining his difficulties to Iben Bjerre

Iben Bjerre making things clearer; providing new tools for improved engagement

Installation view of waiting room


Ficus Microcarpa, magazine and candles in waiting room

Magazines (colonized with articles) while waiting

Client having submitted his wish to experience the exhibition as Groucho Marx

Art Help

19.12.2009 - 16.01.2010 December 19th, 2009 – January 16th, 2010
BKS Garage, Ny Carlsberg Vej 68 OG, 1760 Copenhagen V, Denmark


Art Help is a service for people who don't appreciate the art they are offered. For a group show in BKS Garage, Art Help established a clinic with a waiting room in an adjacent room to the exhibition space. "Art Help" offered assistance from a vast array of professionals: a hypnotist (Erik Lunøe) helping with the possibility to experience the exhibition as someone who potentiality might have enjoyed it / found critical value in it / etc; the audience could choose to be someone from a different era, an animal, one's wife? It was all up for grabs. Further, a cognitive psychologist (Diana Loft) employed the so-called "cognitive diamont", a particular method in which all aspects of an experience is undestood as based on assumptions; assumptions which are then talked over and re-evaluated. Also, a laughter therapist (Hanne Gottlieb) offered group sessions in which one could be relieved of bad moods or boredom. Finally, a life coach (Iben Bjerring) would help giving the audience tools to match their expectations with the capabilities they had to reach them. There was no excuse not to like the show; it's no one else's fault if you didn't like what you got.